Why We Use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)


Based on a recent study by Bright MLS, the median sale price for on-MLS properties was 16.98% more than the median sale price for homes sold off-MLS.




This represents a difference of $45,000 to the owners of a median-priced home. 


1.  Our membership in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) puts your home in front of nearly every agent working with potential buyers.



2. When we place your home on the MLS, it is displayed on nearly every real estate company website and on top real estate search apps.


3. Not placing a home on the MLS could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.


4. Working with us and listing your home on the MLS produces better results for you.



Bright On/Off MLS Study


74% of sales were identified as being marketed and sold on-MLS and 26% were identified as sold off-MLS. 





Homes promoted on the MLS sold for 16.98% MORE when compared to homes sold off the MLS.


Listing and Public Record data was analyzed and used to capture sales with some exceptions made to ensure comparisons of like properties.


When square footage was factored in, mid-sized homes had a median on-MLS performance difference of 18% MORE THAN mid-sized homes sold off-MLS. 



The findings are clear: Homes promoted through the MLS sell faster and for more money.


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For complete study results, visit BrightMLS.com/OnMLSStudy